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Cable and Pipe Locator with Depth



  • Excavation of buried utilities easier and safer
  • Simultaneous depth and current readout
  • Dynamic overload protection
  • Power filters™
  • Trudepth™
  • Guidance mode
  • Automatic usage-logging with GPS positioning
  • ECERT™ – Remote calibration without downtime
  • Ingress protection for tough environments (IP65)

RD7000 Cable And Pipe Locater With Compass

The locater and transmitter both feature large, high contrast, backlit LCD screens that provide the user with clear information in any light conditions. The intuitive and responsive user interface has easily identifiable icons that are consistent across the locater and transmitter range, ensuring straightforward operation.


Visually follow the target cable or pipe with the dynamic line indicator. Allows the operator to quickly and easily follow the target line by visually indicating the relative orientation of the target cable and the locater.


Validates your RD7000 against its original factory calibration and allows printing of validation certificates. Unique to radio detection precision locator’s, eCAL allows users to validate the original factory calibration of the RD7000 locater through a PC*.

Technical Overview

Sensitivity 6E-15 Tesla, 5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
Dynamic range 140dB RMS /√¹Hz
Selectivity 120dB/Hz
Depth accuracy Line: ±5% tolerance from 0.1m (4ft) to 3m (10ft)

Sonde: ±5% tolerance from 0.1m (4ft) to 7m (23ft)

Maximum depth* Line 6m (20ft), Sonde 15m (50ft)
Fault finding (FF) Diagnose cable sheath faults from short circuit to 2MΩ using the A-frame
Batteries Locator: 2 x D-cells (LR20) or rechargeable battery pack.
Batteries Transmitter: 8 x D-cells (LR20) or rechargeable battery pack.
Warranty 36 Months upon registration
Dynamic overload protection 30dB (automatic)
Compliance FCC, RSS 310 RoHS, WEEE, CE
Weight Transmitter: 2.84kg (6lbs) (including batteries)

4.2kg (9lbs) (including supplied accessories)

Weight Locator: 1.87kg (4lbs) (including batteries)
Environmental protection: IP54
Operating temperature range: -20ºC to 50ºC (4ºF to 122ºF)

Model Specification

Power Source Alkaline, NiMH or Li-Ion
Standard Accessories TX-1, RX


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