Used T1851 Digital 1000V insulation tester

Used T1851 Digital 1000V insulation tester

Insulation Tester Digital 250/500/1000V


Refurbished. (May have case markings). Supplied with TAL24 leads.

The T1851 digital insulation tester has 6 function switch positions of which 3 are insulation functions 250v, 500V and 1000V. The other functions are Continuity, Resistance and an AC voltmeter.

The built in live line indicator should always be checked before pressing the test button and should be off when the leads are connected in all functions except when using the voltmeter which doesn’t require the test button to be pressed.


  • Digital insulation tester
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Live circuit warning
  • 210 mA continuity short circuit current
  • AC voltage measurement
  • Auto power off
  • Large display
  • Auto discharge
  • Live circuit indication

Technical Overview

Feature Parameter Accuracy
Test Voltage range 250 V
500 V
1000 V
Insulation Resistance range 0-200 MΩ
0-200 MΩ
10-2000 MΩ
±1.5 % + 5 Digit
Output Voltage on open circuit Rated test voltage +10%
Short Circuit Current (Max) 1 mA
Continuity Range 0-2 kΩ
Open circuit terminal voltage 4.45 V DC Approx
Short circuit terminal current 210 mA DC Approx
Voltage Measurement 0 -500 VAC ±1.5% + 3 Digit
Counts 3 -1/2 Digits 2000 Counts

Model Specification

Power Source 8 x 1.5V AA Batteries
Certificates UL, , IEC61010-1. Certificate of Conformance


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