Rosemount 3051TG1

Rosemount 3051TG1

R23 000.00

Refurbished Rosemount 3051T in line Pressure Transmitter.


This Rosemount 3051T in line Pressure Transmitter is refurbished to like new condition.

These Pressure Transmitters are the industry standard for gage and absolute pressure measurement. In-line, compact design allows the transmitter to be connected directly to a process for quick, easy and cost effective installation.

Calibration certificates are for buyers cost. Non SANAS  – R1035.00 or SANAS – R2070.00

Technical Overview

3051T Options:- G1A2B21BB4I5M5Q4
Transmitter type
In-line pressure transmitter
Pressure type
G Gage
Pressure range
1 –14.7 to 30 psi (–1,01 to 2,06 bar)
Transmitter output
A 4–20 mA with digital signal based on HART Protocol
Process connection style
2B 1/2–14 NPT female (range 1–5 only)
Isolating diaphragm Process connection wetted parts material
2 316L SST 316L SST
Sensor fill fluid
1 Silicone
Housing material Conduit entry size
B Aluminium M20 x 1.5
Mounting bracket
B4 Bracket for 2-in. pipe or panel mounting, all SST
Product certifications
I5 FM Intrinsically Safe, Nonincendive
Display and interface options
M5 LCD display
Calibration certification
Q4 Calibration Certificate


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