Megger MIT320

Megger MIT320

R2 000.00

Megger MIT320 – Refurbished  – Used – Second hand


Megger MIT320 Insulation tester.

This Megger MIT320 1kV Insulation tester has been refurbished to like new condition, according to the factory standards using original Megger parts.

The Megger MIT320 features the popular Megger digital/Analogue display. Large 20mm high characters provide very clear readout, combined with an analogue arc for the feel of an analogue instrument, with a true analogue response. The meter is extremely easy to use and has a tough rubber armoured case and self contained protective cover. It has live circuit warning and Intelligent Safety System for protection and is weatherproof to IP54 standard.

Unit Includes:

  • Original carry case.
  • Carry strap.
  • Original test leads & crocodile clips.
  • Original documentation.
  • NON-SANAS 12 month calibration certificate (a SANAS certificate can be arranged at an additional cost to the buyer).

Technical Overview

Insulation ranges
Nominal test voltage 1000 V, 500 V, 250 V (D.C.)
Terminal voltage on open circuit (0ºC) -0% to +20% of rated voltage
Resistance 10 kΩ – 999 MΩ on all ranges
Short circuit current 1.5 mA nominal
Test current on load 1 mA at min. pass values of insulation (as specified in BS 7671, HD 384 and IEC 364)
Accuracy (at 20° C) ±3% + 2 digits up to 10 MΩ, ±5% up to 100 MΩ, ±30% up to full scale
Continuity ranges
Resistance 0,01Ω – 100Ω
Open circuit voltage 5 V ±1 V
Short circuit current 205 mA 10 mA -5 mA
Accuracy (at 20°C) ±3% + 2 digits
Zero offset adjust: 0 – 9Ω
Continuity buzzer
Operates at Adjustable 1Ω to 20Ω
Response time <20 ms
Resistance range (can be used for diode testing)
Measuring range 10Ω – 1MΩ
Open circuit voltage 5 V
Short circuit current 1.5 mA
Accuracy (at 20°C) ±5% + 2 digits up to 100 kΩ
Voltage range
Measuring range 0 – 600 V a.c. (50/60 Hz) or d.c.
Accuracy (at 20° C) d.c. or a.c. (50/60Hz): ±1%+ 2 digits
Temperature coefficient <0,1% per °C on all ranges.
Default voltmeter (all test modes except off )
Voltmeter >25 V a.c. or d.c. is applied, display will operate as a voltmeter
Test inhibit If more than 50 volts is detected, testing will be inhibited.
Autopower down
Operates After 10 minutes if left in standby mode.
Operating temperature -10°C to 60°C
Operating humidity 93% R.H. at 40°C max.
Storage range -25°C to 70°C
Environmental protection IP54
Dimensions 203 x 148 x 78 mm
Terminals 500 mA (F) 600 V, 32 x 6 mm ceramic HBC 50 kA minimum.
Standard Meets the requirements of IEC61010-1 Cat III 600 V phase to earth. Refer to safety warnings supplied.
Automatic discharge After an insulation test the item under test will be discharged automatically. Any voltage present will be indicated on the display so that the discharge can be monitored.
Power supply
Battery 8 x 1,5 V cells IEC LR6 type (AA Alkaline). Rechargeable NiCAD or NiMH cells may be used.

Battery condition is constantly shown on the display as a four-section bar graph.

Battery Life 5000 consecutive tests (5 seconds per test) on any test using 2Ah batteries


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